bioGUI documentationΒΆ

Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary field providing tools for researchers from many disciplines. Nonetheless, most methods are implemented with a command line Interface only.

Using bioGUI, former command line-only tools can be started from a GUI, making them available to a broader scientific community.

If you are a user, it is recommended to start reading directly from bioGUI: a universal GUI for command line tools. Please also read through the User Guide. We also provide a video tutorial to demonstrate how to install a module with an install module and use this module/tool afterwards in Use an Install Module (video tutorial).

If you are a (bioinformatics) tools developer and want to learn how to build (install) templates, start reading here: How does bioGUI work?.

If the offered windows and execution nodes are not enough and you want to extend bioGUI, the bioGUI Developer Guide may be of help for you.